Peter Siegel AND Jay Mankita at the Wendell Full Moon Coffeehouse April 7

Robert Heller heller at
Fri Mar 30 15:03:15 EDT 2007

Join us as the Wendell Full Moon Coffehouse presents Peter Siegel AND 
Jay Mankita in a rare Coffee House double bill.
Multi intrumentalist,story teller,and traditional player are just a few 
of the words used to describe the likes of Peter Siegel. Originally 
from the suburbs of NYC, the land of TV and strip malls, fast food and 
quick judgments, he took positive inspiration everywhere from his 
politically active grandparents, to Led Zeppelin to Looney Tunes.

"...energetic, insightful and with a wry sense of humor. Peter is a 
multi-instrumentalist quintessential story teller"  --Noel Paul Stookey 
(of Peter, Paul and Mary).

Peter Siegel is not your run of the mill strummer. Playing the 
blues,swing, hip hop, traditional fiddle tunesd on guitar, banjo, 
mandolin, bodhran, and his own two clogging feet, his songwriting and 
performances are what can only be categorized as "Space Age 
Vaudeville". Over the last ten years Peter has been a mainstay of the 
traditional music scene of the pioneer valley of Massachusetts as well. 
It is there that the multi-faceted musician is known for his stint with 
the new-old time band Underbelly and his work playing tunes on the 
guitar, mandolin, and banjo from Ireland, Quebec, Appalachia, and New 
England for contra dancers with David Kaynor and the Greenfield Dance 
Band every other Friday.

Jay Mankita, a musician/educator/activist whose tour van just happens 
to be an alternative energy demonstration vehicle that runs on recycled 
vegetable oil is in a class all his own. His high energy shows will 
take you on an emotional journey that is thought provoking, at times 
hilariously funny and always entertaining. His songs speak to the human 
condition with honesty, compassion, and a healthy dose of humorous 

"Jay Mankita jumps up and down with a big grin on his face, playing 
incredible guitar, getting everyone laughing. Moments later, he's doing 
a dead serious song with no accompaniment... Come hear this guy, I 
think he's one of the half-dozen best songwriters today". ---Pete Seeger

Recently relocated from his home of 25 years in the Hudson Valley in 
New York State, this Amherst MA musician is poised to delight devoted, 
long-time fans and earn new ones with two recently released and very 
different CDs. 'Morning Face' is a concept album featuring 
guitar,mandolin, cello, concertina and acoustic bass while 'Dogs Are 
Watching Us' subtitled 'The Lighter Side of Jay Mankita' was completed 
in only a week and a half. It features such songs as 'Illegal Aliens 
 From Outer Space' and 'They Lied' ; Mankita's humorous, but hard 
hitting musical indictment of the Bush administration.

Come join us for two incredible shows. The beneficiary for this coffee 
house will be the Chicken Coop School of North Orange.

Next month, on May 5, Steve Charney will be playing the coffeehouse.

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