Tom Rush March 30, 2013 show Reservations

Robert Heller heller at
Tue Feb 12 21:08:45 EST 2013

You can now make a reservation for up to 4 seats at the Tom Rush March
30, 2013 show at the Coffeehouse.  Visit the Wendell Full Moon
Coffeehouse page at this address:
These are General Admission Reservations.  There is no advance payment:
these are not tickets, just a reservation.  You will still have to pay
*cash* at the door, $15-$25 and it is general seating.  Doors will open
at 7:00PM and the show starts at about 7:30PM with the open mic.  Tom
Rush should walk on stage at about 8:00PM, at which time the
reservations not claimed will expire.

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