Some logistical notes for this weedend's Full Moon Coffeehouse...

Robert Heller heller at
Wed Jan 15 13:35:50 EST 2014

1) There are no advanced tickets or reservations. Show up on time (doors open
at about 7pm). We will have Coffeehouse committee people on hand to help keep
things orderly.  We will set out ALL of the chairs we have available.

2) It is cash at the door ($10-$20), so have a supply of dead presidents. We 
don't take checks or plastic. There is an ATM at the country store, where you 
can get yourself a supply of dead presidents.  You can get change at the door 
so you can buy coffee, tea, and munchies.

3) We will have the parking lots lights at the library and town offices on -- 
both lots are available for parking, as is Center Street along the cemetary 
behind the meetinghouse.  It should also be possible to park at the salt shed 
as well and/or the town garrage.  We will have parking monitors to help people 
find *legal* parking places.

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