Some logistical notes for this weedend's Full Moon Coffeehouse...

Dina Stander dina at
Wed Jan 15 19:59:48 EST 2014

Can someone please give me a close estimate of how deep the stage 
wing is from kitchen door forward where a curtain would hang?

Rebecca is going to come home on Saturday to help me sew a channel 
into cloth panels so that we can hang them in a temporary fashion. 
Maybe Kathy can give me a call and brain storm a bit about this? I 
have a plan, would appreciate feedback.

Also, how high is the ceiling?

Can I screw some hooks in to the wall/trim at wither end in order to 
run rope across? How was the old curtain attached, any one remember?

We had planned to make the panels 10 feet long, I think we have 
enough fabric to go up another foot if folks think that is advisable.

My plan is to show up at 5 with the curtains and work around whatever 
is happening in order to hang them.

Thanks, Dina

At 1:35 PM -0500 1/15/14, Robert Heller wrote:
>1) There are no advanced tickets or reservations. Show up on time (doors open
>at about 7pm). We will have Coffeehouse committee people on hand to help keep
>things orderly.  We will set out ALL of the chairs we have available.
>2) It is cash at the door ($10-$20), so have a supply of dead presidents. We
>don't take checks or plastic. There is an ATM at the country store, where you
>can get yourself a supply of dead presidents.  You can get change at the door
>so you can buy coffee, tea, and munchies.
>3) We will have the parking lots lights at the library and town offices on --
>both lots are available for parking, as is Center Street along the cemetary
>behind the meetinghouse.  It should also be possible to park at the salt shed
>as well and/or the town garrage.  We will have parking monitors to help people
>find *legal* parking places.
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