Wendell Full Moon Coffeehouse: ** Viva Quetzal at the Wendell Full Moon Coffehouse**

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**Viva Quetzal to brighten up the Wendell Full Moon Coffehouse**

Saturday, March 3, 2018 7:30 p.m.

To benefit The Community Network for Children

Don't miss this opportunity to see Viva Quetzal, a multicultural musical
treasure! Viva Quetzal is a high-energy musical group, with members from
North and South America, recorded by Putamayo and nationally revered!
Performing an eclectic mixture of traditional South American folk and pop,
the 7-member ensemble plays a fascinating array of over thirty instruments,
including pan pipes, flute, saxophone, cuatro, charango, harmonica, congas,
piano and more! Influenced by the music from members homelands of
Venezuela, Cuba, Chile, and Panama. Viva Quetzal has toured extensively
nationally, playing clubs, colleges, festivals, and Fine Arts Centers. The
group has released three CD’s: Ancestros (1995), Mujeres de la Puna (1998),
and Hijos del Sol (Signature Sounds, 2000). They are included on Putamayo’s
release “Music of the Andes” (2014).

The musicians of Viva Quetzal include long time members Roberto Clavijo
from Chile (vocals, pan pipes, charango, cuatro, harmonica), Abraham
Sanchez from Venezuela (lead vocals, piano, percussion), Joe Belmont from
USA (classical and electric guitar), Jon Weeks from USA (flute, sax, EWI,
quena, congas), Rudi Weeks (acoustic/electric bass, vocals), Eliezer
Martinez from Panama (drums) and special guest from Cuba, William Rodriguez
Rodriguez (Congas, bongos, percussion).


Sliding scale cash fee at the door of just $6 - $15  beginning at 7:30 p.m
with open mic performances.

For Open Mic sign-up, directions and further information

please visit our website: www.wendellfullmoon.org

or call 978-544-8784.

The Wendell Full Moon Coffeehouse is located in Old Town Hall 6 Center
Street, in the center of Wendell, MA., offering a lively night out for
music, fun and dance; always in support of a good cause. Come experience
the Valley's only Dessert-O-Rama in an affordable family-friendly venue

Upcoming Coffeehouse shows:

May 31 Gas Light Tinkers

April 28 Ras Spectiv

May 19 Carrie Ferguson & Band

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