[wendell-meetinghouse] Fwd: Help Us Secure Investigation Into Pipeline Abuses of FERC

Jean S. Forward, Ph.D. jforward at anthro.umass.edu
Sat Jan 2 12:24:32 EST 2016

Just received this.. every bit helps, take care, Jean S. Forward

Pipeline Folks and Planning Board Members,

Below is a petition to Senators  Sanders and Warren requesting an  
investigation of FERC.  Signing this petition is just one more nail,  
but every nail helps.  Let us add our voices to those of our New  
Hampshire comrades in arms.


    Subject: Fwd: [NHPLAN] Fwd: Help Us Secure Investigation Into
    Pipeline Abuses of FERC

    Everyone, Please sign this "call for an independent investigation
    into _FERC_ and their abuses" that challenge or remove completely,
    _"rights of "the People_", ordained by the US and NH & MA Constitutions.
    I know the NH writers who researched and wrote this petition …they
    are all completely trustworthy!

    Best Wishes for a Free and Beautiful New Year...


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>>    *Subject:* *Help Us Secure Investigation Into Pipeline Abuses of
>>    FERC*
>>    Over 120 organizations and 1700 individuals have joined the call
>>    for an independent investigation by the Government Accountability
>>    Office.   As we go into the New Year we will be submitting the
>>    organizational request and individual petitions to legislators
>>    and working to garner press attention for this initiative. If you
>>    have not yet signed on — whether you are an individual or
>>    represent an organization – please consider doing so now.  Sign
>>    on links below.
>>    And please pass along this email to any colleagues and or friends
>>    you think may be interested.
>>    */Support an Independent Investigation into the Abuse of Process
>>    and Law by the /*
>>    */F/**/ederal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)/*
>>    */Including Its Blatant Bias in Approving Pipeline Projects/*
>>     1. If you are an individual that wants to join the call, please
>>        sign our petition and pass it on at:
>>        http://bit.ly/DRN-PetitionToReviewFERC
>>     2. If you are the leader of an organization concerned about the
>>        abuse of power at FERC you can sign on to our organizational
>>        sign on letter at: http://bit.ly/SignOnGAOReview
>>    FERC is a blatantly biased agency that doesn’t just favor the
>>    pipeline companies over the public, but actively works to help
>>    advance pipelines, including by stripping the public of our legal
>>    rights to challenge projects in the courts.
>>    A Government Accountability Office Review of FERC could help to
>>    shine the light of day on the abuses of FERC and help all of the
>>    communities and environments being devastated by the construction
>>    and operation of fracked gas pipelines and LNG export facilities.
>>    Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are on the committee
>>    that can request and get the GAO investigation we need.  But both
>>    of them are very busy given their high profile work.  So we need
>>    to make sure they hear from enough of us to understand the
>>    importance of granting our request — that means */thousands of us
>>    need to ask/*. Please help us get there.
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>    The truth about the NED pipeline

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