[WWC] Initial list setup. Basic rules (nothing onerous).

Robert Heller heller at deepsoft.com
Tue Apr 27 15:17:03 EDT 2010

OK, I have put in the initial list of people into the list.  You all
should have gotten a standard automated welcome message from Mailman,
the list software.

Basic List Info:

If you know of someone else who would want to be on the list, people can
subscribe to the list by either visiting



by sending an E-Mail to:

wendell-works-coop-join at deepsoft.com


The only real 'rule' you have to remember is that when you reply to a
message, you should be sure to select the "Reply All" option.  This
makes sure that your reply goes to the list and not just to the author
of the message you are replying to.

The only other rule is to be sure to trim your messages, because there
is a limit to how large a message can be before the list software will
hold a message.

I understand that the mission statement sub-committee has been working
on a draft of the mission statement.  I guess it will get posted here

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