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Mon Oct 18 14:31:28 EDT 2010

Hello Folks,

On *Tuesday Oct. 26 at 7pm Library* we are meeting to take action on a
recreation center for Wendell community at Lake Grove gym.
Does anyone know of a source for free lawyer advice?
There are other developments with possible employment in Wendell that are on
our agenda.
Reminder: our committee is greater than just options at Lake Grove. The
property is a elephant in our living room. It is not going away.
 It would be better if  local people had a say in how to train this
elephant. That is the issue before us.
We should be able to create a unique, attractive reasons for people to come
to Wendell, pay for goods and services then leave; independent of Lake Grove
if need be. We are also in discussion to develop unique products through
light manufacturing. If indigenous people of Ecuador can save their life
style and learn to prospers up against the onslaught take over of their land
from the mammoth oil companies maybe we can too in our own way.
Worthwhile efforts require less energy with greater unity.
Wendell Works Committee needs your input.
come by and get more specifics.
best regards to all
charles cooper
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