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> Hello Folks,
> On *Tuesday Oct. 26 at 7pm Library* we are meeting to take action on a
> recreation center for Wendell community at Lake Grove gym.
> Does anyone know of a source for free lawyer advice?

Wondering is Jeff Bauman might be willing / interested in offering
advice on a pro-bono basis or some other arrangement.

> There are other developments with possible employment in Wendell that are on
> our agenda.
> Reminder: our committee is greater than just options at Lake Grove. The
> property is a elephant in our living room. It is not going away.
>  It would be better if  local people had a say in how to train this
> elephant. That is the issue before us.
> However:
> We should be able to create a unique, attractive reasons for people to come
> to Wendell, pay for goods and services then leave; independent of Lake Grove
> if need be. We are also in discussion to develop unique products through
> light manufacturing. If indigenous people of Ecuador can save their life
> style and learn to prospers up against the onslaught take over of their land
> from the mammoth oil companies maybe we can too in our own way.
> Worthwhile efforts require less energy with greater unity.
> Wendell Works Committee needs your input.
> come by and get more specifics.
> best regards to all
> charles cooper

Will you be sending this to the Townsfolk list?

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