[WWC] Re: [Wendell-sustainable] wendellregenerative.info domain, Wendell Sustainable E-Mail list

Robert Heller heller at deepsoft.com
Sat Jul 2 18:31:07 EDT 2011

At Sat, 02 Jul 2011 17:55:58 -0400 Wanita Sears <wsears at wildblue.net> wrote:

> I thought Wendell regenerative was renamed to sustainable or vice versa. 
> I didn't realize there were two separate lists.

I renamed the *list* not the Wiki domain name.

> I don't know if upcoming Transition Wendell will be needing an email 
> list. They're all workings to basically the same purpose. I love the 
> imagery of regenerative. Can we settle on one that combines all if any 
> of the three don't mind?

Renaming / creating lists is easy.  Domain names is a bit trickier and
requires a whole different level of fun and games (fun with GoDaddy and
one's credit/debit card and then one is stuck with it for like a year at
a time).

> Wanita
> On 7/2/2011 10:24 AM, Robert Heller wrote:
> > The wendellregenerative.info domain is up for renewal come November.
> >
> > The website at http://www.wendellregenerative.info/ is hardly used (by
> > Wendellites -- there have been some people from foreign lands screwing
> > with it, but I have clean all of that off and have blocked further
> > screwing around).  I could renew this domain (it will cost about $10 or
> > so) or let it lapse.  Are people still interested in using this
> > resource?
> >
> > Also, there has been little traffic on the Wendell Sustainable E-Mail
> > list (except for one guy from the Pacific Northwest who has been trying
> > to post stuff).  Is anyone still interested in this resource?
> >

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