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Tue Aug 23 06:46:41 EDT 2011

Congratulations to Chris Queen and the meeting house stalwarts for  
the new wave of energy for that project, and the amazing fundraising  
effort: over $7,000 in a few short weeks!!

When is/was the raffle drawing? Asking since we were pretty keen to  
win some of those prizes…

On Aug 22, 2011, at 12:52 PM, Chris Queen wrote:

> Dear Friends of the Wendell Meetinghouse,
> Thanks to all who dropped by the Meetinghouse booth at Old Home Day  
> to say hello.  We saw many old friends and met a lot of new ones.   
> Lemonade was flowing, tee-shirts and postcards were selling, and  
> the raffle was a huge success.
> A special thanks to Marianne Sundell for organizing and running the  
> raffle, and to Melinda Godfrey, Paul Godfrey, Charles Smith, and  
> Jerry Eide for helping to construct our booth.  And thanks to the  
> twenty community members and businesses who contributed products  
> and services to the raffle.
> We made $728.50 on the raffle!  In addition, $935 in donations were  
> received, for a total of $1,663.50 for the day.
> Since the two matching grants were announced on July 17 – a double  
> match by the end of Old Home Day, and a one-for-one match by  
> October 1 – we had raised $1,400 before Old Home Day.
> With Saturday’s proceeds, we exceeded the $2,500 necessary for both  
> matches – six weeks early – qualifying for the $4,000 pledged by  
> our anonymous donor.
> Grand total for one month and three days of fundraising: $7,063.50.
> These funds will enable the Friends to work with Jerry Eide to  
> clear all the refuse from the building and to cover exterior  
> surfaces with a fresh coat of paint before the snow flies.
> We will announce work days in the fall for all who would like to  
> practice their dumpster-tossing and paint-brushing skills.  Stay  
> tuned.
> We have permission to use the Wendell Senior Center on the Third  
> Monday for our monthly meetings.  We will begin this schedule on  
> September 19.  Please mark your calendars for that and the  
> following meetings: October 17, November 21, and December 19.  Next  
> year’s meetings (third Thursdays) will be confirmed in a later  
> newsletter.  All meetings will be at 7:30 pm.
> October 17 is our Annual Meeting, according to the Friends of the  
> Wendell Meetinghouse By-laws.  All voting members are urged to cast  
> their votes for officers at that time. While the by-laws recommend  
> staggered terms for the three officers, we will have to elect all  
> three this year.
> Charles Smith’s latest three-year term as president will expire  
> after nearly a decade of leadership; Nancy Reibschleager’s interim  
> appointment as treasurer will expire; and Melinda Godfrey will  
> retire as clerk after years of devoted service.  Self-nominees are  
> welcome for all three positions.
> Nancy and I plan to run for treasurer and president, respectively,  
> and we are hoping that an enthusiastic Friend or Friends will run  
> for clerk.  Recordkeeping, and, we hope, assisting with grant- 
> writing, will become increasingly important in the coming months.
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> Sincerely,
> Chris Queen, convener
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